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A Sceletium tortuosum plant

Frequently asked questions

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Product Information (not covered elsewhere on this site)

What exactly do you sell?
We sell Sceletium tortuosum that has been dried and milled into a fine powder.
What part of the Sceletium plant is used?
The whole plant.
I noticed that the original users prepared Sceletium by crushing and fermenting the plant in animal skins or alternatively baking it - both these processes serving to degrade the levels of oxalates. Does your Sceletium (if it hasn't been fermented) been baked or prepared in some other way?
Traditionally Sceletium was crushed and fermented for about a week. At this point we are not totally sure as to the reason for this. It might be related to decreasing levels of oxalic acid but at this point this is just a theory and has not been tested. Currently our Sceletium is in it's raw form and fermented. We are intending to investigate this further and based on this we will make a decision as to which to offer.

Shipping and Handling Information

Can I order your product in the U.S.A.?
Most of our customers are outside South Africa. We ship worldwide, including the U.S.A.
How are your products shipped?
All orders are shipped by priority, First Class Mail delivery.
Where are you shipping from?
We ship your goods from our offices in Cape Town, South Africa.
How long does it take to arrive in the USA/Europe?
Our customers usually get their parcels within 10 working days from the day when that place their order.
Can you deliver orders quicker (i.e. FedEx, TNT, DHL or UPS)?
We find that the bulk of our orders arrive within 2 weeks of you placing your order with us. This often makes it unnessary to have your goods shipped by courier. However there are times when a courier shipment is required. So, yes, we can do it, however the costs of courier shipment will result in additional costs to you.
How does the delivery guarantee work?
Our delivery guarantee in explained in detail here.

Payment to

How can I pay?

You can pay by the following methods:

  • Credit card
  • Wire Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer)
  • Cash

Please take a look at our payment options page for comprehensive details on how to make these payments.

Are my credit card details secure?
Yes. Our online order form in on an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) server. All information transmitted to us is encrypted. For example: On MS Internet Explorer you will see a yellow padlock appear on the bottom right of your browser.
Can I pay by postal order, IMO, draft etc.?
No. We do not accept postal orders, bank drafts, International Money Orders or checks of any kind. Sorry.
What will appear on my credit card statement?
You will see the word AfricanBotanicals as the description on your credit card statement.
Why is the amount on my credit card statement different from the sale price?
Slight (mostly minimal) variations can occur, because we are doing transactions across different currencies. This is due to small fluctuations of the exchange rate between the time the order is placed and processed. If you find that the amount has shifted and you are unhappy about it, please let us know, and we will immediately refund you the difference.
What policy do you have with cash orders?
We do accept cash orders. We do and can not, however, take responsibility for cash that has disappeared in the mail. If you do send cash, please hide it very well in the envelope and seal the envelope thoroughly against tampering.
Why do I have to order €200.00 worth of products if I want to pay by wire transfer?
Wire transfers are not our preferred way of accepting funds. This is because of the incredibly high bank charges charged for accepting such a payment. On small orders, the amount of the wire transfer banking fee is in excess of the profit on that order and we actually make a loss. For obvious reasons, we can't have that!

Company Information

Who are you? is owned and administered by Big Tree Nutraceutical
How long have you been trading for?
We have been trading online since 1997.
How can I contact you?
You can contact us by email here... (by far the fastest method)


Phone us on the following fax number:

+27 21 712 4604


You can reach us on the following fax number:

+27 21 712 4610


You can write to us at:

Postnet Suite #60
Private Bag X26

South Africa

Physical Address:

6B Susan Way

South Africa



Will I end up on a mailing list by ordering?
Yes, we have a mailing list which consists of the email addresses of those who have ordered from us and those who have specifically asked to join this list. We use this from time to time to notify our customers of price changes, important information regarding our company or web pages. If you would prefer not to be on this list, then simply ask us to not put you on when you order. Our mailing list is updated daily, so, if you do not wish to be on the list, remember to make this clear to us each time you order. This list is kept completely confidential and is only ever used by us.

Shipping Guarantee

How exactly does your shipping guarantee work

Our standard quality and shipping guarantees apply. Delivery usually occurs within 2 weeks.

We take every precaution to ensure that your order gets to you safely. However, in some rare cases, it does happen that an order is either lost in the mail or seized by customs. In the event of your package not arriving within 30 days, we will reship your goods for a second and final time.

Of course, if the non arrival of your order is due to an error on our part (such as us getting your address wrong) then we will naturally reship unconditionally.

Generally we ask our customers to allow 30 days before contacting us regarding the non arrival of an order (although goods usually arrive within 10 working days).


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