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This picture is of a Sceletium tortuosum plant which was drawn in 1685

The Sceletium plant in bloom

Sceletium tortuosum plant

Sceletium tortuosum is a low to the ground flowering creeper that grows almost exclusively in South Africa. For hundreds of years, native tribes prized its calming effects, which appear to be very similar to those of St. John's Wort, except the potency is significantly greater. The plant is nowhere near as common in the wild as it once was, with most of it being grown in controlled environments.

Sceletium has been tested by the University of Natal. When compared to other plants with a known presence of mesembrine alkaloids, the concentration in Sceletium was found to be far higher. Please click here for an abstract of the report.

Nearly 400 years of documented use of Sceletium does not reveal many serious adverse effects.


Sceletium tortuosum is grown under careful conditions

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Our Sceletium powder is A-Grade, certified organically cultivated and high alkaloid content - typical mesembrine at 1.5% by dry weight.

Benefits of Sceletium
Sceletium enhances your mood
It increases your energy levels
Sceletium decreases anxiety, stress and tension
No severe adverse effects have ever been reported.

The Distribution of Mesembrine Alkaloids in Selected Taxa of Kanna and their Modification in the Sceletium Derived Kougoed


You can buy A-grade Sceletium tortuosum dry, milled powder and access some information on this fine herb here.

The information on this site includes a brief history of Sceletium, its chemistry and uses, what doses of Sceletium to take, the side effects and contraindications and word or two about our raw material.

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Names used for Sceletium:

  • Sceletium tortuosum
  • kanna
  • channa
  • kougoed
  • canna
  • kauwgoed
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